Hotel Waste Reduction and Minimization

Hotel and Resort locations generate a tremendous amount of solid waste. If we look just at the state of California with its 396,000 guest rooms, the amount of solid waste generated is approximately 600,000 tons per year.

Reducing waste before it is even generated is the real key.

Implementing the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, in the hotel industry is key to waste minimization. Did you know only 8% of plastic waste can be recycled? So never producing it in the first place is critical. In California alone, millions of small, plastic, guest room amenity bottles are generated every day. Yes, those little bottles in your guest rooms containing shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, and hand soap are large contributors of plastic and liquid waste. These bottles and their unused liquid waste end up in our landfills, oceans, beaches, and waterways. In fact, 90% of ocean contamination is caused by plastic waste which kills millions of birds and ocean creatures.

Are you ready to discuss a green management plan for your hospitality location? Saint Francis Organics makes it easy.

Refillable dispensers are a simple solution that can dramatically reduce this plastic and liquid waste. It’s really a no-brainer for the Hospitality Industry. Refillable dispensers almost completely eliminate this waste stream, slash operating costs, and save housekeeping time.


Our EcoCents Amenity Program drastically reduces plastic bottle and liquid waste by as much as 99% at our Hospitality locations. This in turn prevents thousands of plastic bottles and liquid waste from entering local landfills. The dispenser program becomes part of the resort and hotel green management plan.

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