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Blue Drum Trio

Saint Francis Organics and Green Suites Hotel Solutions are now partners. Since 2010, Saint Francis Organics has been setting the organic standard for body and hair products and for almost twenty-five years, Green Suites has been a leader in supplying the hospitality industry with a wide range of energy efficient, waste reduction, and conservation programs.

Now with our organic liquids and Green Suites EcoCents Amenity Program, we are able to eliminate millions of plastic amenity bottles and their unused liquids from our environment each year.

Over the last decade, the hospitality industry has made a tremendous effort to reduce energy and water consumption, and dramatically cut down on waste generation. They have organized green teams to determine where water, power, and waste reductions can be implemented at their locations. Saint Francis Organics and Green Suites are ready to help with our conservation and waste reduction programs. The EcoCents Amenity Program eliminates an entire waste stream for the hospitality industry and provides them with a safe and healthy alternative for guest room amenities.

Our customer service and management team awaits your call. Let us show you how we can help you meet your green management goals. We have the people, experience and products to make it happen at your location.


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