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USDA Certified Organic
Body Wash
Our body wash will make you feel super clean and refreshed. Made from a rich blend of organic oils & butters (olive, coconut, sunflower, shea & jojoba), and fortified with the antioxidant (green tea) and the botanicals (avocado, mango & cucumber) will leave your skin soft, moist and nourished. Purchase our one gallon size jugs and save on all our products. Refill your travel pack bottles and retail size bottles at big cost savings. Now in Citrus/Lime.
12 fluid oz.
All our products are biodegradable, vegan and never tested on animals.


Organic Green Tea
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic Cocoa Seed Butter
Vegetable Glycerin
Organic Avocado
Organic Mango
Organic Cucumber
Organic Lavender oil
Organic Bergamot oil
Organic Orange oil
Vitamin E
Guar Gum
Citric Acid

Essential Oils

Citrus Lime
Organic Orange Oil
Organic Lime Oil
Organic Grapefruit Oil
Lavender Blend
Organic Lavender Oil
Organic Bergamot Oil
Organic Orange Oil
Peppermint Vanilla
Organic Peppermint Oil
Organic Vanilla