The infancy of Saint Francis Organics started early in 2009. Large companies were advertising their skin and hair care products using key descriptive words like organic, natural, healthy and earth-friendly. After many years of selling ingredients into this industry, I knew these products were not what they claimed. These so-called “organic” or “natural beauty” products were full of synthetic chemicals. For years health studies have shown many of these synthetic chemicals to be key contributors to serious health conditions ranging from cancer to autoimmune conditions like arthritis and many allergic reactions like skin rashes. Studies also confirmed these same synthetic chemicals are polluting our groundwater, lakes, and rivers.

Saint Francis Organics wants to be a different kind of company. We are committed to only making body care products that are safe for the youngest and oldest in our society. We also wanted to make products that would not harm or pollute our planet. We know our products have to be clean to make a statement, but they also must function well. All our products will leave your skin soft, moist and nourished.

Our first organic skin care line (body lotion, body wash, and hand soap) launched in September 2011 were all USDA certified organic (95% organic). These products contain no synthetic chemicals. Our organic hair care line (shampoo & conditioner) launched a year later meeting the NSF organic standard (70% organic). The hair care line is unique in that organic soap berry is the main cleaning agent (No Sulfates). Both products contain the powerful antioxidant green tea with its moisturizing and healing properties. Our essential oils are natural antibacterial, fungi, and germ killers.

Saint Francis Organics not only wants to make the cleanest and safest products anywhere, but we also feel dedicated to helping people. We will support and champion causes that protect life and our planet. Give us a try and you will never go back to your old personal care. We welcome your comments.

Best wishes and God Bless,

Jon Olivier


Saint Francis Organics